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Home Baked  To  Perfection

One of the Kind Handcrafted Cakes, Cupcakes, Pop Cakes, Cookies & Desserts Tables 

Organic All Fresh & Locally Sourced Ingredients

We offer delicious Gluten Free, Sugar Free Dairy Free or Vegan Cakes and Cupcakes.

I use the best quality ingredients I can find locally not only for my cakes but at home as well. 

I am passionate about organic ingredients and I truly believe that using natural colors and flavors, Organic Fruits, Unbleached Organic Flours and Unrefined Sugar makes the difference. 

I support Organic and Fair Trade, Ethical Food and the responsibility of sourcing for ingredients that are being produced in a way that don't harm the environment or exploit farmers.

Allergy Advice: Please be aware that even though we offer gluten free/dairy free options, cakes will be prepared and baked in a kitchen where gluten and wheat and dairy products are used. 

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